Canadian Travel Medical Insurance And You

Traveling Canada is a fun time for most, but unfortunate accidents can happen to anyone while on the road. Canadian travel medical insurance is available for those who find themselves in need of medical attention. There are different types of coverage and some important exclusions and exceptions that must be kept in mind.Canada is a popular destination point for tourists and travelers. Its stunning sights an interactive features make for a special experience for any traveler. There are also many opportunities for laborers and professional workers. Unfortunately, many things happen while traveling that may require a voyager to seek medical attention. From broken bones to unexpected illnesses, the human body is still susceptible to harm even when on the road.Many visitors believe that they are covered by the universal health care system in Canada. However, is only for citizens of the country. Foreigners who visit and need a doctor will be charged for services rendered. These can be quite costly if there is no insurance plan in place.There are various types of travel health insurance available for Canada. Many companies offer special plans for visitors to Canada. These plans are accepted in the medical system in Canada and will significantly reduce your costs for medical treatment.In order to take advantage of most visitor insurance policies, you must not be covered by the national plan or any other Canadian plans. You must be in good medical condition and you can not have been in Canada for more than two years at the time of application for coverage.The different types of benefits these plans offer can vary, depending on the premium your paying and the company. Also affecting the plan is the type of traveler you are. For example, there are student travelers, business and work traveler as well as leisure travelers. Each has a plan dedicated to them.Coverage rates can be had in various amounts. The maximum that any Canadian insurer will pay out is 150,000 dollars. The minimum is 25,000 dollars. Deductibles will vary as well. Anything from a zero deductible to a 1000 dollar deductible is common.Generally, all plans will offer at least coverage of emergency services. This includes ambulance, emergency room and emergency medical attention. Also, most plans will cover follow ups, accidental death, repatriation to residence and return of deceased.There are also usually various time limits involved with plans. For example, depending on your choice, coverage may last anywhere from 180 days to 365. Also, depending on particular circumstances, your specific policy coverage may not be valid until up to 72 hours after entering Canada. There are exceptions to these and you should check your policy for the details.Traveling Canada can be a fun and exciting time, whether it is for work or pleasure. There are lots of beautiful things to see and do. Unfortunately, accidents can and do happen and the universal health care is not for visitors. Canadian travel medical insurance is highly recommended in case you find yourself in need of medical attention. There are different plans which will suit your situation and they offer great services for reasonable prices.